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Licensing Services

A license to register a new vehicle

5 minutes
Expected Time
AED 500

A license to operate a new vehicle in the system of the Authority directed to department of licensing mechanisms and drivers in the Traffic Department which is valid for one month.

  • Signing a letter of commitment to provide a driver for the vehicle within one month of registration of the vehicle in the case of activities of transportation of passengers by luxury vehicles and buses.

  • Signing a letter of commitment by the owner of the vehicle to use it for personal purposes only in case of public benefit.

  • It should be only 5 years as of the date of car manufacturing of all kinds.

  • 1 Prepare required documents

  • 2 Visit RAKTA happiness center

  • 3 Submit the documents

  • 4 Pay Fees

  • 5 Receive the NOC

  • Copy of the commercial license issued by the Department of Economic Development- Ras Al Khaimah.

  • Copy of the vehicle’s possession

  • A copy of power of attorney or delegate card (if any).

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