Customers Happiness Charter

Customer Happiness Charter

RAK Transport Authority is keen on providing high quality services and a feature that achieves the confidence and Happiness of customers and exceeds their expectations


Our commitment to you

  • Welcoming, Treating you respectively and kindly .
  • Providing you with outstanding services impartially , transparently and fairly .
  • Providing to your needs with high levels of professionalism and making our best efforts to fulfill them .
  • Providing our services by a qualified and cooperative work team that understands your needs and is capable of answering your queries .
  • Providing the requirements and completion dates for all services .
  • Receiving and processing your applications at the appropriate time and without delays .
  • We treat people with disability and senior citizens according to the highest levels of service provision .
  • Providing accurate information and outstanding service procedures .
  • Welcoming your opinions and suggestions to work with you on developing our services on the Available social media .
  • We treat your complaints effectively and in accordance with our approved policies .


What we hope to provide you with a distinguished service

  • Appreciate our employees’ efforts and treat them with mutual respect .
  • Provide us with all required documents .
  • Inform us as soon as possible of any fault or change in the information .
  • Inform us of any change to your personal information or information relevant to the completion of the service .
  • answer the queries of our team to the best of your ability and on time