Licensing Services

Issuing a driving professional license card

5 minutes
Process Time
AED 250
Service Fees
Service description

It is a driving professional license

Terms and Conditions
  • Drivers residence shall be incurred by the same company or sponsor

  • Drivers residence shall be incurred by the transport authority in case of franchise companies

  • 1 Prepare required documents

  • 2 Visit RAKTA happiness center

  • 3 Submit the documents

  • 4 Pay Fees

  • 5 Receive the Card

  • A temporary work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Employment

  • Copy of the commercial license issued by the Department of Economic Development- Ras Al Khaimah.

  • Copy of car possession.

  • Copy of the driver’s passport with a valid residence permit

  • Personal photo

  • Copy of the driving professional license

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