Licensing Services

Issuing a temporary driving professional license ” Limousine”

5 minutes
Process Time
Limousine Companies
AED 100
Service Fees
Service description

It is the issuance of a temporary driving license for a tour organizing company outside the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah

Terms and Conditions
  • Existence of a sealed and signed contract between the two companies

  • Attendance of the company’s representative

  • Existence of passengers transporting business

  • 1 Prepare required documents

  • 2 Visit RAKTA happiness cente

  • 3 Submit the documents

  • 4 Pay Fees

  • 5 Receive the Card

  • Copy of Commercial license issued by the Department of Economic Development for ant Emirate 

  • Copy of sealed and signed contract between the two companies

  • Copy of car ownership.

  • Personal photo

  • Vehicle / bus or limousine license in case of an activity inside the Emirate

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